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Ultracapacitor solar & electric car battery opportunity

Tesla | Fisker | Eestor investors welcome to finalize two year prototype project!

Our new ultra capacitor has a host of applications. It is destined to change the way we view and use batteries forever. Perhaps the most significant of all these applications will be in the electric car market.

Where once car batteries were bulky, inefficient and damaging to the environment, now there is a battery that is lightweight, easy to charge, long-running and completely eco-friendly.

Furthermore, unlike conventional batteries, ours is completely eco-friendly and a great leap towards green, emission-free transportation. If Tesla Motors were to seek cooperation with us, it will  -no doubt- increase the Tesla stock price.

In terms of design, efficiency, functionality and benefits, we fully expect that UltraCap’s prototype will be years ahead of anything else on the market. And we’re only beginning…

Now it’s time to build a working prototype – the first step in taking the UltraCap electric car battery to market and watching it reach its full potential.

Which is where you come in. With your investment, we will create an electric vehicle battery that will revolutionise the market. More people are driving electric vehicles than ever. And our battery will remove the final barriers to uptake. It’s a massive opportunity. And those who are in at the outset are set to gain most.

To signal your interest in this outstanding opportunity, get in touch today. Fill out the application form below and we’ll be in touch.

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