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Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Device

New Age of Solid State Batteries

Due to ever increasing demand for solar panel energy storage and its transport, there is a need for a new generation of materials and devices capable of storing large amounts of electric energy without problems associated with disposal and environmental pollution.

Historically, the acid based batteries have been the most common way to store electrical energy. However, this technology has always been limited by its slow charging time and degradation of performance after a relatively small number of charge cycles. High energy density solid sate capacitors (recently called “ultra capacitors”) overcome the drawbacks of standard acid-based batteries by exhibiting charge times measured in seconds, and a small decrease in performance over millions of cycles.

Our conclusive three year research program focuses on the development of a new generation of high capacitance ceramics with electric charge storage capabilities far exceeding those of existing ceramics. In three years, we will be able to fully test our prototype.

Image: Prof. Dr. V.D. Krstic – Director of UltraCap Investment Limited.

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