Solid State Energy Storage Device

Ultra high dielectric constant of several millions will lead to smaller EV batteries

In the past, electric car batteries were developed based on acid technologies. This was bad for the environment and meant bulky, heavy batteries that were expensive to produce and not particularly efficient, being slow to charge and quick to drain. Moreover, these batteries have a short lifespan and degrade quickly, making them expensive to replace.


Due to our all-ceramic, high capacity battery design that uses an advanced form of ultra capacitor, we are now able to develop an electric vehicle battery that is light years ahead of anything else out there.


By making the ceramic di-electric component much thinner and lighter without any loss of electrical capacity – we have been able to develop a significantly smaller, lighter battery. In fact, we believe we can go even further, produce pocket-sized car batteries in the very near future.

But size is only where the benefits begin. Potentially, our new battery can be charged in minutes in a typical 220V wall socket, as opposed to hours currently needed in a special charging unit. This, we believe, has been one of the biggest obstacles to electric vehicle uptake – a barrier we have removed through three years of research and development. 


The UltraCap electric vehicle battery is set to revolutionise the transportation as we know it.

  • Clean, green and emission-free
  • Fast charging and long lasting
  • Long life
  • Cheap to produce
  • Small and lightweight