Who we are at Ultracap Energy Storage

Disruptive solar panel energy collection technology.

Headed up by former Professor Vladimir Krstic and Nico van Dongen, the duo have spent the last three years working on a new and advanced form of ultra capacitor – an electronic component that can be used to develop a revolutionary new electric vehicle & solar panel collection battery, completely unlike anything else that currently exists.

Vladimir D. Krstic PhD


Co-founder of Ultracap Energy Ltd, Dr. Krstic has been an internationally recognized professor. Previously, Dr. Krstic had a long history in government and private sector funded projects, completing more than 30 such ventures funded by federal and provincial programs, as well as private sector companies. The professor is well known for his research in the area of ceramics and particulate composites with his work published in many reputable journals.

Nico van Dongen MBA


Co-founder of Ultracap Investment Ltd, Nico has pursued a diverse career in the molten aluminium industry, having graduated with a MBA in strategic marketing in 1986. Since then he has held a number of key roles in the sector, specifically in the key areas of grain refinement, degassing and solidification. Along the way, he used this experience and knowledge to develop a proprietary mixing technique to create a previously insoluble alloy – a crucial step in the creation of our ultra capacitor.

This unique combination of technical expertise of the single layer ultracapacitor and experience within the metal and electrical engineering sectors, particularly in relation to R&D and project management has led to this ground breaking innovation – a new and advanced type of ultra capacitor – one that’s now ready to be put to use in a practical application. While we have identified many practical uses for the technology, initially, we aim to use the device to develop an advanced storage battery to power electric vehicles and trucks such as Renault, Scania and Volvo.

UltraCap Energy Ltd.

UltraCap Energy Ltd has been formed with the goal of developing environmentally friendly energy storage devices or ‘batteries’. Now 60% developed, these devices would revolutionize the way electric energy is stored and transported. With just 4 minutes of charging, an electric vehicle using our battery would be able to drive for up to 480 kilometers  far exceeding present slow charging Li-Ion batteries.

Head office

  • 160 City Road
  • Kemp House
  • London EC1V 2NX
  • United Kingdom


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